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Geminiani and Handel CD
Francesco Geminiani
Sonatas for Cello & Continuo
Handel: Suite V for Harpsichord
Schobert The 4 Sonatas
Jean Marie Leclair
Two Flute Sonatas
Second Musical Recreation
Handel & Vivaldi
François Couperin
The Tragic Muse
Andrew Appel, Harpsichord
Schobert Sonatas
Johann Schobert
The Sonatas, Opp. 5 & 6
Schobert The 4 Sonatas
Johann Schobert
The Sonatas, Op.16
Four Sonatas for Harpsichord,Violin & Cello
Handel & Vivaldi
Handel & Vivaldi
"Handel Compar'd"
Cantatas and Sonatas
Handel & Porpora
Handel & Porpora
"The Rivals"
Haydn "Battle of the Nile"
The Battle of the Nile
Keyboard Trios Nos. 18 & 19
Bach Harpsichord Works
J.S. Bach and the French Clavecinists
Le Roux & Marchand

J.S. Bach
Three Fantasias, Capriccio
Italian Concerto, Toccata

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