Couperin - The Tragic Muse CD Cover

The Tragic Muse
Pieces de Clavecin

Andrew Appel, harpsichord

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From the Rococo in Versailles and Berlin to ancient Qin Music in Beijing follow Andrew Appel's blog examining repertory, history and gossip!

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Rave Review for "The Tragic Muse"

Appel’s finely nuanced performance makes these as fresh as if they were recorded yesterday. He knows instinctively when to use the registrations of the harpsichord to best advantage, how to delicately perform Couperin’s precise ornaments, and how to phrase each line, even those intertwined with each other, so that the music comes alive. For me, this is the one recording of these works to have and it is my hope that eventually all of them will appear. Highly recommended.

- Bertil van Boer, FANFARE Magazine

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