Announcing The Four Nation Ensemble's
Hudson River Harvest Concert Series for 2018

Baroque Music and more ... In Great Houses in the Hudson Valley

Andrew Appel

Dear Friends,

Hudson River Harvest Concerts is celebrating 25 years!

Four Nations is in a serious and repeating dilemma. We are possessed by our imaginations, brilliant musicians with whom we love to play, and need to perform (for you) too many masterpieces. We find balancing a budget so much less rewarding than filling a canvas. So we have done it again.

You see that the first concert is called “duos.” Is this not an excellent theme for reducing the budget? Bravo Andrew. Yet, as I think on this theme I remember that there are several pieces in which two duos are featured in one piece. There is Boccherini with his two violins and two cellos with a moderating viola to weave it all together. There is Couperin’s masterpiece La Sultane, with two violins and two gambas containing some of his most moving music and it IS the 350th anniversary of his birth. Now a program of duos has a population of eight musicians! Imagine what happened with trios? With this population growth, the last concert of three Brandenburg concertos is a veritable school for wayward musicians…strings, oboes, recorders, flutes, and harpsichord.

But, it is Four Nation’s 25th year in the Hudson Valley. Should we not celebrate? Should we not feast?

I need intervention but I think you don’t want to offer it. This year gives you one feast after another to mark Fall with overwhelming and inspiring music in beautiful locations with long-term friends in the audience and on stage. When, after all, do we get a chance to hear three of the Brandenburgs at close range? This is princely entertainment. This is a worthy celebration of 25 years.

As you know, we follow the concerts with food from Susan Lawrence and wine and hot cider. We have done this for 25 years. Are we headed for the rocks? Maybe but the views, the views!

Click here for information about the entire series.

Best regards,

Andrew Appel
Director, Four Nations

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