Pascale Beaudin, soprano
Olivier Brault, violin
Loretta O’Sullivan, cello
Andrew Appel, harpsichord and director

Presents the 2017 Hudson River Harvest Concerts

Carlos Fittante and Caroline Copeland dancing at Kaatsbaan during last season's Hudson River Harvest Concerts Photo: David Rodgers

The home of Curtis DeVito and Dennis Wedlick, also the architect.

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Wine and Cider at 3:30 PM
Concerts at 4:00 PM

Cocktail receptions catered by Susan Lawrence of Chappaqua

Hudson River Harvest Concerts


Saturday, September 23rd at 3:30 PM

Lindsay and Brian Shea

The Barn
Linlithgo, NY

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Venetian Glass


The Four Seasons of Vivaldi
Venetian Arias

In the first of our Hudson River Harvest concerts we have asked four of our favorite violinists Olivier Brault, Adriane Post and Andrew Fouts to each take a season in this favorite collection of concertos from the Baroque.

Pascale Beaudin, will add the glitter and shimmer of vocal virtuosity to our first in the Fall season of concerts

The 19th century Barn is fitted perfectly for concerts and stroll through the peach orchards before the performance, or after to take in the sights and smells of Harvest Time in the Valley. The 19th century Barn is fitted perfectly for concerts. Before or after the performance, stroll through the peach orchards to take in the sights and perfumes of Harvest Time in the Hudson Valley.

With Pascale Beaudin, soprano, Olivier Brault, Andrew Fouts, Adriane Post, violins Kyle Miller, viola, Loretta O’Sullivan, cello, Anne Trout, bass.

Hudson River Harvest Concerts


Saturday, October 21st at 3:30 PM

Eileen and Michael Cohen

Copake Lake
Copake, NY

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Serves and Meissen - Redefining Rococo

Redefining Rococo

Too often Rococo art and music is dismissed as frilly and pretty but oh how we miss the effect. The French are sensual and seductive. The Germans are energized and often crazed or grotesque and disturbing in their "decorations."

Four Nations explores the temptations and dangers behind the works of porcelain and music of Leclair, Francoeur, Rameau, Graun and Bach.

The concert takes place in a re-configured barn, now the home of serious collectors of art. The living room had a view over the Taconic range. The hills will be orange, red, and gold in the high season of turning leaves.

With Pascale Beaudin, soprano, Charles Brink, flute Olivier Brault & Edson Shied, violin Kyle Miller, viola, Loretta O’Sullivan, cello, Josh Lee, viola da gamba.

Hudson River Harvest Concerts


Saturday, November 11th at 3:30 PM

Dennis Wedlick and Curtis DeVito

Dutchess County
Stanfordville, NY

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WEDGEWOOD Gainsborough’s Music

Gainsborough’s Music

The age of Wedgewood and Thomas Gainsborough. Certainly London had the most civilized and evolved society in 18th century Europe. No threats of revolution at home, and a healthy and growing middle class hungry to hear music in concert.

Thomas Gainsborough loved music. His daughter married an oboist and Gainsborough made magnificent portraits of the most important and influential musicians of his time. This program presents the London of Wedgwood and Gainsborough through music that is tender, civil, always beautiful. Including songs from Garrick's productions of Shakespeare.

Gainsborough has given us images of the most important composers in the most civilized of European cities in the mid 18th century. Portraits of JC Bach, Abel, and the Linley family are as sweet and elegant as the music that accompanied Shakespeare plays and delighted audiences in the first public concert series. A feast of the imagination!

With Pascale Beaudin, soprano, Kathie Stewart, flute, Charles Brink, flute Olivier Brault & Adriane Post, violin Kyle Miller, viola, Loretta O’Sullivan, cello, Andrew Appel, harpsichord.

Four Nations concerts and programs are possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

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